Quick Tips to Showcase Your Leadership Skills on a Resume

By Michelle Okada, Lead Career Counselor and Experiential Learning Coordinator at Sacramento State Did you know the average recruiter only spends six to 15 seconds scanning your resume (Zhang, n.d.)?  During a brief scan of your qualifications, employers will be looking for critical career ready competencies, including leadership experiences (National Association of Colleges and Employers... Continue Reading →


Preparing for a Promotion

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is comprised of Career Services professionals (think Career Center) and Talent Acquisition professionals (think recruiter). In the Job Outlook 2019 Survey, NACE surveyed 172 employers to find out which stills they are most intersted in when reviewing a college students resume. Leadership has been in the top... Continue Reading →

Student Spotlight SO&L: Alyssa Her

In honor of Student Employee Appreciation Week we are so excited to highlight our Leadership Initiative Peer Consultant, Alyssa Her! Alyssa is 5th year studying Child Development with double minors in Counseling and Teacher Education. Along with her role within the Student Organizations and Leadership Office, you can also find Alyssa at The WELL, where... Continue Reading →

March’s SO&L Values Award Winner

The SO&L Values Award is a way we recognize and reward the leadership journeys our students experience as part of a recognized student organization at Sac State. Winners receive a $100 food voucher for their organization. This month’s winner, Transfer Student Association, shows Innovation by using their resources to develop an event to welcome new students to... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Learning the Wrong Way

Have you ever left a class (or a meeting) and instantly forgotten the information that was conveyed? When you study/review notes, is it a struggle to retain information? If so, you might be learning the wrong way. Although for many people, writing notes in a class or meeting is common practice, every one of us... Continue Reading →

Embarking on Your Leadership Initiative Journey

Leadership Initiative is a program that is centered around student success at Sacramento State. The objective of the program is to increase leadership and networking skills, professional development, and campus pride. Leadership Initiative centers around the 7’Cs of Social Change Model of Leadership Development that focuses on values at an individual, group, and societal/community level.... Continue Reading →

Student Spotlight SHCS: Bajha Jordan

Each April, Sacramento State and institutions across the country educate, empower, and advocate for survivors of sexual misconduct. Sexual Assault Awareness Month as it's come to be known, is now an annual opportunity for student organizations and departments to come together to provide a month full of programming and opportunities to learn and heal together.... Continue Reading →

Honoring Cesar Through Service

By Yulissa Rocha-Fernandez, Interim Academic Specialist |College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Cesar Chavez’s legacy continues to inspire many students to keep fighting for what they believe in, advocating for humane conditions for all, while remembering the value of serving your community.  The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) specifically continues to honor Cesar's legacy through the... Continue Reading →

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