Preparing for Leadership: Budgets

At it's core, a budget is basic arithmetic. I have $100. I want to buy something that costs $15. Can I afford to buy it? Yes! How much money will I have left after I do? $85. Sometimes though, hearing the word budget makes people feel a sense of overwhelm. As if creating and maintaining... Continue Reading →


Preparing for Leadership: Creating an Agenda

Keeping your meetings on track and on task are a crucial component of increasing meeting effectiveness. Creating an agenda is a surefire way to ensure you achieve your meeting goals. Creating your agenda Microsoft Word offers a large number of templates for a meeting agenda. Depending on how formal (read: Parlimentary Procedure) or informal you... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Leadership: Goal Setting

Once you've estabilshed rapport with the group and you're ready to move forward into planning for the year, you'll want to talk about goals. Today, we'll introduce two tools to help guide your goal setting conversation. SMART Goals SMART goals have been used for many years and are a great way to get started in... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Leadership: Creating a Team

So you've recently been appointed to a leadership role. Congratulations! Now what? How about starting by gathering your team? Maybe this is an executive board or committee members. Either way, you want to start out by gathering everyone to discuss things like annual or semester goals. Before you dive into business though, make sure you... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Preparing for Leadership Series

Leading a group of people for the first time can be challenging, especially without direction. Over the next few posts, we'll be focusing on ways you can improve your leadership by effictively executing some common leadership tasks. Wondering how to run an effective meeting, get people to work together towards a goal, or create a meeting... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You?

As we wrap up another eventful year and reflect on the successes, challenges, and lessons 2018 ushered in, you may find yourself looking to the unknown possibilities of 2019 feeling excited, hesitant, or maybe downright overwhelmed. After all, with a new year comes a fresh start. This annual reflection period has been called a great... Continue Reading →

What kind of Leader Are You?

"Everyone is a leader in their own way." Have you ever heard someone say this and think to yourself, "They definitely aren't talking about me. I'm not a leader." Consider your own definition of leadership and why you feel you are not a leader. Has someone told you that you aren't a leader? Maybe you... Continue Reading →

Change and the Journey Home

By Jose Napoles, Leadership Program Advisor | Student Organizations & Leadership It’s that time of year again. After the last final and paper have been completed, we’re gifted with five weeks of relaxation all to ourselves… not. More likely than not you will be spending some (if not all of the break) with loved ones.... Continue Reading →

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