How many of these 6 Must Do College Experiences have you done?

College is a whirwind of experiences. From being an active member of a club and working on campus or at an internship or studying abroad, pulling all nighters and conducting research there are some experiences that are truly unique to the college experience. But are some things that will make a bigger impact on you... Continue Reading →


How to Stay Productive this Summer

While summer makes for great motivation during the long nights of studying the school year brings, you may find yourself a bit bored with the amount of free time on your hands. Instead of turning on yet another Netflix show, check out this article, 50 Ways for College Students to Maximize Summer Break, for a... Continue Reading →

21 Things Nobody Tells You about Graduating

For many readers, your college days are behind you. Or, if they're not, they soon will be. You might be surprised by some of the things you've experienced post college. Here's an article from Time Magazine on 21 Things Nobody Tells You When You Graduate College.

End of the Road

It’s that time of year again. The time of long black robes, fantastically decorated caps, diplomas, and loud, proud support. The time of “you made it” and, “I’m so proud of you.” It’s a time of year I’m familiar with being around. I’ve watched many of my friends dance their way across the stage and... Continue Reading →

Are You Prepared for Change?

The only thing that is constant is change. Heraclitus As we approach the end of the semester, it's time to think about what's coming next. A job search? Are you moving? Maybe traveling? Starting graduate school? Something else? In all cases, what you're doing now is not the same as what you'll be doing in... Continue Reading →

2019 Leadership Awards

Student Organizations and Leadership held it's annual Leadership Awards Reception highlighting the efforts of student leadership on campus. Here are the winners! Outstanding Community Building Award: Hmong Health Alliance For the past 5 years, Hmong Health Alliance has been hosting a campus tour for 6th grade scholars from Pem Suab Academy and started a pen... Continue Reading →

Staying Connected

After four or more years of papers, late night study sessions in the AIRC, and countless cups of EcoGrounds coffee, many of our Hornets are preparing to do so for the very last time. While graduation is a joyous celebration of achievement, it can also come with the bittersweet revelation that you have to leave... Continue Reading →

Adulting 101

As exciting as the thought of graduating can be, it's also a bit scary. No more exams to study for, papers to write, or classes to attend. So, what exactly do you do? Maybe you imagine yourself getting a job, moving out on your own, and diving into the dating scene. But how do you... Continue Reading →

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