Ski and Snowboard Club’s Successful Fundraiser

The Ski and Snowboard Club had a prosperous year at Sacramento State hosting their 51st Annual Ski Swap fundraiser last October. With an estimated 800 people in attendance, Brent Butler, the club’s public relations officer said, “This was the largest turnout of all of the years!” Under great leadership, teamwork, and marketing strategies, the club is known for hosting well attended fundraisers as a college student organization in northern California.  Before purchases, the total value of ski and snow equipment stored in the University Union Ballroom was worth $500,000 to $700,000. The sales of equipment are largely dependable on the amount of snow per year. In the past, sales avalanched down due to the drought and decreasing snowfall. However, 2016 season was twice the amount of snow from previous years which led to the towering numbers of gears sold that the club profits from in addition to admission tickets.

1(Ski and Snowboard’s officers and club members volunteering as Swap Staff; October 2016)

The success of the fundraiser was not all due to more snow or one person. It took a year’s worth of team work, planning, outreach, and coordinated subcommittees. Immediately after this event, the club gears up to plan the next Ski Swap for the following fall semester. In order to continue the success and tradition, club members interested to run as the next officer have the opportunity to shadow current officers during the planning and implementation of the event. This allows new officers to understand logistics, delegation of tasks, and communication strategies with and between members. Ski Swap is also one of the most highly marketed events hosted by a student organization. Butler coordinated placement of large billboards on campus, advertisement on freeway billboards, social media marketing, and outreach to local media platforms s such as Good Day Sacramento KCRA Channel 3, Sacramento State Magazine, and Sacramento State News.

Beyond funding the club’s annual ski and snowboard trips, however; there is an underlying secondary purpose. Ski Swap also helps support local businesses in Sacramento to thrive in the community. “Buying gear via online is hurting local businesses and for Ski Swap to invite local vendors is kind of symbolic to give back to the community,” said Butler.

Ski and Snowboard Club is invested in life-long memories and friendship with their members. The club will be hosting drive-ins, paintballing, potlucks, and more for this spring semester! For more information about Ski Swap or upcoming events, you can visit them on Facebook or email the club at


(The Union Ballroom filled with ski and snowboard equipment from local store vendors; October 2016)

Written by: Houa Vang, Leadership Initiative Program Assistant


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