Noah Alvarez

Meet student leader Noah Alvarez currently a senior majoring in Communications. He is an active member of the Baseball Club and is part of KSSU, the student-run radio station on campus serving as Sports Director. Noah is also a State Hornet sports reporter and writer.


(Noah at KSSU Station; April 2016)

Three words that best describe you: Determined, Accountable, and Fun-loving

Tell us about your leadership journey: I participated in sports as a child. During high school I was very active. I played football, basketball and baseball year round. I was a shy kid, but around junior year I realized some of my teammates looked up to me. By senior year I felt more confident as a leader. This sense of leadership carried on after high school at the work place during my first couple of jobs, throughout my junior college football career, and even amongst friends assembling a baseball team. Upon transferring to Sacramento State, I found myself in a new school, new community, and new life. Despite the transition and still somewhat shy during my first semester, I joined the Baseball Club and the following year my teammates elected me as president. That same year I also served as a volunteer member of KSSU and completed more than the minimum volunteer requirements. After a full year, I applied for the sports director position and was offered the job. Most recently, I pursued a position with the State Hornet and was offered a spot as a sports reporter and writer. My journey has taught me that you do not have to be a “natural born leader”. Movies, TV shows, books, etc. also teach us leaders have specific qualities. I see very few of those “mainstream” qualities in me, however, I think what stands out about my leadership is that I take initiative. I am rarely vocal, but I lead by example. And when it comes to helping, assisting, or serving others, it never feels like I am going out of my way because I enjoy it.

What motivates and/or inspires you? Being accepted and going away to college was not expected of me. Not only am I a first generation college student but I am a first generation Mexican American. I grew up in a low socioeconomic neighborhood and saw wasted potential; people falling into the same cycles, some of those people are my own family members. I was determined not to live that same lifestyle. I was also determined to have a strong work ethic because I grew up watching my parents work hard so I can get a college education. In my lifetime I hope to inspire as many people as I can the way my parents inspire me. To show others growing up in similar circumstances that it is possible to overcome obstacles, to achieve great things, to show them that you don’t have to settle.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership means being accountable, not just as an individual but for a larger group of people. Great leadership can come in various forms and styles; some not applicable in context to the group being led so adapting to the people you are leading is a big aspect of great leadership.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Why and how did this person impact your life? My varsity football coach in high school, Dusan Ancich, had a huge impact on me. Whether it was in the weight room, study hall, film room, or on the field, he motivated me to set an example. It felt like a lot of added pressure in comparison to how other players were treated, but his investment in me propelled me to be a stronger person. He had so much faith and belief in me while barely knowing me. Ancich’s high expectations of my potential developed me into the leader I am today.

If you could give one piece of advice to new Hornets, what would it be? My advice to new Hornets is to take chances, approach opportunities full-heartedly, and be open to possibilities. In my experience with KSSU, I heard about the station through a friend’s friend who knew someone involved in the program. I was nervous when I applied for the volunteer position, but I still did it. I did not know what to expect, but my experience exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be broadcasting live on a radio station and working with the NCAA sports on campus. If you’re a transfer student, your time will go by fast. I highly recommend jumping right in. There are so many organizations and programs on this campus that can benefit you and help you grow towards your career and as a person.


(Sacramento State Baseball Club; April 2016)


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