Student Leader Newbie’s Guide To: Effective Agenda and Meeting Planning

Next Friday! Check out our workshop: Student Leader Newbie’s Guide To:  Effective Agenda and Meeting Planning – you can RSVP here.

Friday, March 10, 2017 | 2:00pm-3:00 PM | California Suite, 3rd floor of the Union



Are you looking for ways to save time? Do you want to walk away from your next meeting feeling productive and motivated? If so, then we highly encourage you to attend this workshop. There is a subtle obligation to meet because it is a common practice for student organizations. Here, we will give you best practices to utilize your time efficiently by identifying the basic structure of a meeting from start to finish:

Step 1:  First decide if you need to have a meeting

Step 2:  How to organize for a meeting

Step 3:  How to run effective meetings & utilizing an agenda/minute as an organizational tool

Step 4:  How to follow up after a meeting

Step 5:  Evaluate the meeting for improvement

Once this basic structure is understood, our workshop will go into details on tips and advice to conduct each step accordingly by taking into consideration the culture and structure of your organization. In some cases, meetings do not need to be held if there is another efficient and faster way to communicate the information to one another such as: Skype, Facebook Chat, Google Doc Chat, emails, and group messaging via cellphone.  Do not feel as though you will not accomplish tasks because you are not meeting face to face.  With the purpose of conducting effective meetings in any format and anywhere, when the whole team is on the same page, more than likely your collective objectives will be met.  If you are unsure how to determine what this looks like, our workshop will walk you through it!

Each organization has their own best practices and only you will know which works best for your team.  At the very least, our workshop will help paint a picture for you in planning, conducting, and evaluating your meetings so everyone can save time while feeling accomplished after each meeting.

If you would like more information, please contact Leadership Program Assistant: Houa Vang




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