Kendle Bullman

Meet student leader Kendle Brielle Bullman, majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology, more recently known as Communication Sciences and Disorders. She served as past president of Phi Sigma Sigma and currently holds positions as Special Events Chair, Secretary of the Order of Omega Honors Society, and a mentor for National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA).


(Kendle at Sac State; March 2017)

Three words that describe you: Perseverance, Dedicated, and Philanthropist

Tell us about your leadership journey: Prior to college, I participated in several extra-curricular activities. From choir, to sports, to school elections, I was motivated to be involved and play an active role. Enrolling to California State University of Bakersfield, I joined Phi Sigma Sigma during my first semester and took on leadership roles planning various events in addition to being an active member. Transferring to Sacramento State, I joined the Phi Sigma Sigma chapter where I eventually became chapter president. My time in Phi Sig has completely changed who I am. Although I was active before my college career, I was still incredibly shy to the point where I would fall silent when someone spoke to me. On one occasion I had to speak publicly, I fell backwards from the amount of anxiety I had. Now I am someone who can lead a meeting of over 100 people, can interact with someone new every day, and most importantly found confidence to speak up inside and outside of the classroom. Sac State and Phi Sigma gave me an abundance of opportunities and sustained my motivation to keep getting involved. I later joined other organizations and pursued more leadership roles to grow further and learn more about my potential. Throughout my journey, I gained access to multiple leadership conferences like the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute. This institute taught and inspired me to become a better leader; not only in my sorority, but on my campus and in my community. I believe that my leadership journey is one that thrives on philanthropy. I do the things I do because I believe I have the ability to help others and to make this world a better one through small acts of kindness and hard work. My leadership roles have given me this belief.

What motivates and/or inspires you? My inspiration comes from my passionate mother Debbie, and my loving partner James. My mother inspires me to be compassionate, giving, honest, and someone who works hard for what they want in life. James inspires me to persevere through hard times, dedicate myself to the things I love, and never doubt what I can accomplish.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership means inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves. It means regardless of your role, you are uplifting and helping those around you. You give yourself to a purpose bigger than you and you do your best to represent what it is that you believe to be the best version of yourself.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Why and how did this person impact your life? Someone who has had a tremendous impact on me as a leader is my sorority advisor Kim Lewis. I turned to Kim during difficult times and she was always willing to help me through it. She was by my side from the day I picked up the gavel as chapter president, to the day I passed it on. Beyond being helpful, Kim dedicates her work to children in need and gives her free time to advise and inspire the college women we call sisters. She sets the example of the type of woman I want to be: passionate, dedicated, giving, and selfless. During times I was hard on myself, she always put things into perspective. I believe I could not have accomplished as much as I did personally and professionally without her help and inspiration.

final copy KendleBLOG questions

(Kendle and Kim; September 2016)

How do you think your various life experiences have influenced your leadership journey? To lead with positivity and demonstrate care for others more than yourself are my core values as a leader. During high school I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and experienced years of depression. I felt like I was going down a wrong path. Looking back, I see how negativity impacted not only me, but those around me. Since then I learned a positive outlook allows me to create happiness and help others experience joy; making others feel good can change more than what we expect. As a leader, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and frustrated but the way we deal with these feelings can depict who we really are.

If you could give one piece of advice to new Hornets, what would it be? Get involved in every way you can. There is an abundance of opportunities on this campus to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. You can join a Greek organization, take part in a sports team, become a member of a club, be an ASI leader, and the list goes on! I can honestly say I made the most of my college years and I will go forward with so many gained skills, memories, and friends throughout my lifetime. If you are not usually someone who jumps into something big, start small. Sac State offers a leadership certification program that allows you to attend meetings, participate in events that create an environment for socializing, learning, and self-expression. You never know what you are able to accomplish unless you try.


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